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Bankruptcy ListsOur approach to refining your company's direct marketing - Research using cutting edge technology and reporting systems to insure that we are hitting your niche audience, then help you to understand the reports and use them to plan out vsrioud strategies with various marketing methods.

Identify prospects with a want or need for your services - Make a marketing offer exactly when a need or want exists to make your company's products or services appealing.

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We work in an environment where marketing is a passion. Let us help put together a marketing plan using the hundreds of tried and true methods.

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Supercharge your Consumer Based Marketing - We consider and offer help regarding the benefits of targeting thousands of niche consumer prospecting.
Excellent coverage on B2B Marketing Lists available. See SIC code lists as well as business zip code lists. Business mailing list data card.
Our clients enjoy 1-2 Day Mail Turn Arounds. Direct Mail to get new customers See products and services Including Ad Copywriting - FHA Mailing and More...
We offer Distressed Homeowner Sercices Including Consumer Debt Leads at close to 40% less than average due to our ever increasing high volume relationships.
Finding the Financial & Debt Mailing lists you need? Qualified? Use Streamline FHA's Leads or Distressed Homeowner leads - Nearly Unlimited Specialty Mailing Lists


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Research Targeted Marketing Lists - Aim Toward Any Industry Or Lifestyle

For Instance, you could look into debt mailing lists for a mailer that needs to reach prospects with 20K or more in bank card debt. Bank Card is a very different filter than revolving debt which has a lot more in it than simple credit card debt. This select has become a staple for all consolidation loans and refinance companies. Even FHA Brokers will have excellent success with FHA Streamline Leads, and that is guaranteed because all of the leads are verified.

Great Marketing Lists - for Better Results - Know Your Targeted Audience

Know Your Target Market As Well As we Do - Research and Report on a Specific Niche using cutting edge technology along with the resulting data from marketing for thousands of clients, analyzing constant feedback, and testing within hundreds of niche markets. Call (800) 884-8323 - Our Consulting team is now your biggest Asset.

{{No interest/not qualified = Waste of precious time = Waste of Money}} - Start with Consumer Mailing lists - Direct Mail Services or Loan Officer Marketing.

The Marketing Consulting Team We have waiting for your call will help you use print advertising with statistics ranging from lifestyle to the ability to invest, mortgage loan holders with good credit scores and kids, all the way through to business lists with executive titles, occupations or sic code data available. Campaigns can be targeted as close to your business as needed all the way down to the zip code you are based in.

Targeted Leads - Pre-Made To Custom Marketing Plans -> Call Today...

Target For Any marketing campaigns We Can Target very specific prospects with our consultants knowledge of the most effective sources that were, until now, used mostly by fortune 500 comanies to qualify their prospects before they spend the money to communicate with them.

*TIPS: While you are here on our site and look for" TIPS": Sections in bold throughout our site for new ideas.

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Zero in with Targeted Mailing Lists for all campaigns - Produce and Target Radio or Television Ads, Use Local Search, We can help improve all of your advertising, or you can find your Niche Market choosing from Targeting the Affluent to prospecting for Refinance Leads, then see Loan Mod Prospects and Loss Mitigation and Even Business Mailing Lists with over 400 filters.

Marketing List Services Based on cutting edge technology and current consumer statistics, we can help a great deal with time management for not only yourself, but your entire sales team by assuring your marketing recipients are either ALREADY PROVEN BUYERS, credit qualified (for financial offers), or at the very least they have recently demonstrated an interest in your type of business.

Targeting a direct marketing campaign can be as easy as choosing male or female with an income over 40K, or homeowners with second mortgages or late on their loan payment, even renters with great credit for real estate lead generation, we can even get as targeted as Catholic Asians who are left handed and golf in Washington DC.

Our technology and world class consultants will create an easy experience for your marketing manager to thrive in. Contact us for a custom proposal today!

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