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Fresh Data for Mortgage Marketing

We are a primary provider of hard to find mortgage data in the United States. Wholesale Accounts are available to Brokers or those who will order on a regular basis.

Trigger Leads are seen as a new and emerging aspect of the mortgage and automotive sales world. The Fact That Mortgage trigger leads are becoming more popular is not surprising, considering that the bureaus have completely changed the face of the mortgage community. Businesses and entrepreneurs are asking "How can I use credit score leads to make more money?" With almost 200 million American Home Owners having adjustable loans, the ability to market to them exactly when they are seeking a mortgage loan is invaluable.

Trigger Lead Data Card

24 Hour Mortgage Credit Inquires!

Prospects apply for a mortgage, loan officer pulls credit and THAT is what triggers your call!

Now its possible to reach prospects that have had a hard hit on their credit for a mortgage within 1 day of the pull. Some clients call some call and then simply mail a closing package!

Pricing can range from $1.29 to $2.00 depending on the volume of leads reserved, however, Wholesale Accounts are available to Brokers or clients which order on a regular basis.

If you need trigger leads for mailing only we can pull just names that are on the DNC for you so that you get a fresher lead. Mailing Triggers start at 40 cents each.

Also, Learn about Our Exclusive trigger leads that hard pull on their credit is what "triggers" your lead.

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Been thinking about cell phone trigger leads? These Triggered leads are taken through another step by taking the addresses and phone numbers that are currently on the DNC and appending cell phone numbers to the file then we scrub the cells once more to remove the numbers that are on the DNC.

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The term "Trigger lead" means that that your prospect has triggered action that indicates he or she is in the perfect position to use your mortgage services. Mortgage triggers are usually created by a homeowner having a Hard Inquiry run for either a refinance or a new mortgage loan (first or second). By contacting these mortgage prospect at the time of need you will greatly increase your chances of doing business with them.

Another huge benefit of using these Mortgage Direct Mail leads is the time it saves your loan officers in prospecting. As you already know, we are limited by the amount of time in a day so think of triggers as a way of buying back 3-4 nhard hours of prospecting before you find someone who is not only ready to hear offers, but has also met over 30 pre set financial and credit filters that will also help assure that they will get through the underwriting process.

Along with the prospecting and qualification time you save, your sales team will receive prospects which have not only applied for a mortgage and had a hard inquiry pulled by a mortgage broker within one day prior to your receiving their information but these excellent prospects have also passed through over 30 filters determined by yourself and your consultant based upon stats from other clients.

We already know that these folks are after a mortgage so what we need to do is help them to make sure that they are getting the best deal with their current broker. Read More on Financially Based Marketing Services.

This "Trigger Lead Service" is ideal for brokers that have a lot of lender relationships, you may be able to save your prospect thousands of dollars!

Most typically we are seeing brokers call the homeowners simply asking if they can run their information through a large database of lenders to see if there is a better deal out there for them. This WORKS! All homeowners want to save money so why not? This is the attitude that should be presented by your sales officers.

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The Most Popular Filters for Mortgage Trigger data are:

  • Credit Score
  • Open Mortgage Balance
  • Mortgage Origination Date
  • Revolving Debt Balance
  • Loan to Value Ratio
  • Bankruptcy Presence
  • Monthly Mortgage Payment
  • Property Type

Also see our Exact Credit Score lists page to find out how you can pull a list with exact bank card debt, scores, and more by making and filtering by a soft credit inquiry!

Call a consultant, we specialize in mortgage, automotive and financial marketing, and most of us come directly from your industry so we not only haave the knowledge of response rates in certain markets and marketing methods, but we understand exactly what you need to be successful.

Your Consultant will work hand in hand to create your perfect marketing audience, call (800) 884-8323 and let's move your marketing to the next level.

You need leads. You need to know who to contact that will be not only looking for your service, but actively in the market to spend money. The Consumers can be a hotbed for these leads. A lead is generated every time that a consumer even make an application for a loan. It's quite simple. Most modern consumers insist on researching the prices, availability, and ratings on the items that they buy. The internet is their source of information. A consumer types "mortgage financing" into a search engine and is led to a site that offers an online application. As soon as the consumer visits that broker and makes an application, a lead is generated so that you can make sure that the consumer is not getting gouged..

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