Consider Using Credit Scored Mailing Lists

Consumer Finance Marketing Feedback States That Reason to keep using Soft Inquiry data is to Avoid Wasting time on impossible deals...

Did you know that You Can Seriously Limit The Time that your company spends on prospective clients that seem like they are going to fund only to find out that there is no way to get them approved?

Just a few Reasons to use Consumer Finance Marketing:

  • Differentiate between Revolving debt and Bank Card Debt and realize the difference.
  • Get what is on the prospects credit report today to avoid guesswork
  • Pull by Equity, Loan Payments and amounts
  • Target by Geography and home value
  • Know the Score to avoid spending your advertising budget on non qualified prospecting.

By using Exact Consumer Finance Leads you have already filtered out non fundable prospects.

Our ability to querry Exact Data Directly from the Consumers databases will give you a definite edge over anyone else involved in marketing financing or insurance with mailing or telemarketing lists.

Consumer Finance Leads Can Be Pulled Daily

Are You Paying Top Dollar For Simple Modeled AMailing Lists? Now, you can start using the the Actual Exact Credit Score, Bank Card Debt and Home Owners Data that your company needs to make your marketing projects run smoothly and efficiently.

We are in a world that lives by numbers. Your Driver's License number gives you authorization to go safely to work each morning without the local cops harassing you. The combination on your locker at the sports gym is a secret, in order to guard your valuables while you work out desperately to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger or the latest fashion model. Your social security number can make or break you and your bank account number is the golden grail of numbers that keeps you living from day to day.

Credit scores are based on, according to Wikipedia's free Encyclopedia, "…a statistical analysis of a person's credit (history) files, to represent the credit worthiness of that person, which is the likelihood that the person will pay his or her debts in a timely manner."

A score of 600 or less is bad news, and can put a crimp in your buying ability and efforts to get more credit extended to you. 720 to 750 and above and you are at a good credit rating, and since it shows that you have been paying in a timely manner, there's not enough bad credit history to stop you from purchasing pretty much anything you want. Above 800 and you will never find a rejection from any agency and that Rolls Royce becomes more of a possibility than just a dream. Typically, credit scores can range from a low of 300 to a high of that elusive 850 mark, and the on the average most people's median score is usually in the lower 700's.

A good score for mortgage marketing these days is considered 720 and above, but from our research, the majority of consumers that fall under the 700 mark still have lenders are still open and some eager to give them even more credit.

They obviously know that many people including some millionaires started off with less than perfect credit scores and the poor businessman of today could end up owning a Fortune 500 company tomorrow. Yes, We can still target in on those who's credit isn't excellent and yes, with the right lender relationships your clients can still get funding. There are ways we can help you pre-qualify your mortgage prospects and gain access to the almighty 700's with 50K in bank card debt so give us a ring at (800) 884-8323 for a free 15 minute consultation to learn more.

Credit Filtered Mailing Lists

Our High Volume Relationships with the major Consumers are stronger than ever, this results in a fast turn around time as well as pricing which can be close to 40% off of your "average" List company.

We make compliance easy and understandable, here is a quick compliance info sheet.

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Your Consultant will work with you to define and acquire your perfect set of Credit, Debt, Equity and Geography Filters to move your mortgage marketing program into the next level.

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Consumer Finance Marketing Can Increase Sales

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