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Reverse Mortgage Marketing - Easy Tips

To generate quality reversed mortgage leads we will need to start by finding prospects that meet the criteria that would indicate a need for this type of financial services, if you already know the filters that you need feel free to call in and have a consultant run some quarries for you, rest assured, we only use the best Reverse Leads available in the mortgage marketing realm and of course the actual database used is entirely up to you, we are just here to share our knowledge of certain products available, without volume agreements we will more than likely be able to save you some money too. During business hours feel free to call to find out how we can help.

During the generation of your company’s Default Mortgage Leads, filters will need to be in place to assure that we are marketing to the right prospects, one such filter is equity, as you know, your clients will need plenty of it in order to start receiving payments on their mortgage so it makes sense to start with a group of reverse mortgage lead prospects with a minimum of 70 or 80% equity.

It is also worth noting that in some mailing list databases there will not be an equity filter so we will want to use LTV instead.

After hours, there is a short form for you to briefly describe the type of reverse mortgage leads you would need assistance creating.

Reverse Mortgage Prospects are typically older so we will also want to add an age filter on your mailing list, again, the actual age will be up to you but we reccomment at least 60+ to assure a need for this particullar financial product.

If you do not have time to call a consultant at this time (800) 884-8323 , you can learn more about mailing lists for mortgage marketing here.

Reverse Mortgage Leads can be a tricky product to make and our consultants know the market, whether your budget is large or small, we are here to offer free advice to get you started.

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Reverse Mortgage Marketing Leads

Tweaking your reverse mortgage marketing is a process; it does not have to be expensive until you reach the desired response rates in your testing. Why Not call a consultant today to pick our brains and get marketing advice at no charge - (800) 884-8323, Vanzan Incorporated.


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