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Mortgage Marketing Planning and implementation

Let our consultants design a custom mortgage broker marketing plan that will serve as a road map for your company or business outlining how you plan to achieve very specific objectives. The objectives may pertain to certain revenue, products, or services.

For some companies planning ahead up to a year will be standard however some of our clients plan up to five years.

FHA Marketing Plans

Qualified FHA leads can be priceless when targeting homeowners that currently hold or qualify for a loan sponsored by the Federal Housing Authority within the United States. Other FHA Marketing Resources May Be to Use FHA mailing lists to get a targeted direct mail campaign started off in the right direction. These types of mortgage marketing have proven time and time again to be one of the most profitable campaigns a broker can use, provided that he or she is appropriately licensed and can handle the volume that is needed to turn a profit on Federal Mortgage Loans.

Vanzan Incorporated specializes in setting your company up with profitable mortgage marketing strategies that will benefit your company for years to come.

Use targeted Refinance Marketing for Mortgage to reach the exact prospects you need to assure that they are in need of your services.

Stay on the cutting edge of your industries marketing capabilities

Mortgage Marketing plans take a lot of knowledge of certain industry response rates and volumes of demographics in order to succeed, our consultants have years of experience in targeting and reaching out to mortgage prospects that need your services today.

When drafting a mortgage marketing plan, we'll need to check and double check each of your mortgage prospect demographics and the expected impact of each step to the one before and after it is implemented. Although some tweaking of the schedule will be necessary, your company should stay close to the plan carefully to insure success.

A post card or brochure can be beneficial from both a budget and a percentage opened standpoint. These creative media types should work to dramatize the advantages as well as to illustrate the features of your product or service, a brochure is not necessary but is there to repeat and inject the information into the readers mind. Finally include a reply card, and take consideration into the class of postage you are going to use, if your direct mail piece needs to move forward in business, it has to be addressed to the right executive, a secretary or personal assistant is more inclined to toss a third class envelope, a consumer is also impressed by first class and more inclined to read the contents but most times this will not generate "qualified sales".

Direct mail, if done correctly will surely be a very productive part of your companys overall direct marketing formula, however you will most likely want to speak with a consultant at (800) 884-8323 to build out a full marketing plan that will generate leads and ultimately sales for your company long term, as marketers, we all love postal mailing it is not limited to one minute of air time or even an eight by ten inch ad in the paper (believe it or not) , its format can be flexible discreet and highly efficient due to the ability to target a marketing audience so closely.

Small mortgage businesses have to be very resourceful in researching their components for a marketing plan to thrive. Included in their reverse mortgage marketing plans should be the following:

  • Description of Target Area
  • Products, and Competition; Demographics
  • Pricing Strategy; Market Segmentation; and Budget

Implementing a good mortgage marketing plan can be a lot for a small business to handle.

Assure that Your Sales Team Makes the Most of Their Time!

You can make use of our research team to provide you with the best Mortgage Prospect Leads, tailored specifically to your industry to ensure that your small business not only sticks to a marketing plan, but also increases revenue.

Another difference in methods between consumer Debt Leads (when used with direct mailing) and targeted business mailing - During a B2B direct mail campaign the prospects are being asked to make a decisions that will not directly benefit them personally where the consumer is looking at something for the family or home. The benefits of a direct mail campaign exist because direct mail has differences that other media can't fit into their advertising.

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