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Vanzan Incorporated has been specializing in mortgage marketing services since 1999 and our consultants are educated specifically on helping your financial service company gain access to specialized marketing tools that have been created specifically for your industry.

Use Qualifying Mortgage data to generate FHA Mortgage Leads, Refinance Prospects and finance responders.

Find the Need and Make Sure they QUALIFY For your Lending Services

Working with marketing companies you know how important a relationship is when you find the right consultant. Your company will gain the ability to Identify and contact mortgage holders using mortgage loan information, credit, and the "all around" financial insight that targets and in the same breath qualifys mortgagors that are ready and willing to work out a new loan.

Some Mortgage Marketing ideas, Lender Mail Marketing for example, may use a credit service to access pre-qualified mortgage data that willl cut costs and increase sales. These are marketing services and products that, until now, only our Nations Largest Lenders have had access to use. Taking a pre-qualified marketing prospect and designing the database records to meet the strict lender criteria of these times will be a breeze with Homeowner Marketing Services.

Large and Small Loan Firms rely on our serveces each month to issue Hundreds of Millions of Dollars in financial services and loans!

Before some of our clients came to us... It is estimated that 60-70% of the prospects they were mailing to or calling weren't qualified - Their responses were not even fundable, simply put, most marketing companies they were working with were wasting their budget without any testing at all. This is Time and Money that, if used properly with Credit Qualified, could have developed multiple marketing campaigns for use over a long period of time.

Your consultant will, first and foremost, assure that the prospects you are marketing to are qualified to for your services Whether debt or loan related, financial advertising is our thing.

Your financial Marketing Offers will rReach Quality Prospects

Marketing and advertising is not an immediate process; in consideration of your time it just makes sense to eliminate the Mortgage Marketing Leads that do not need to see your marketing offer this is just one way that we can help cut the costs of your campaign and bring more fundings to your sales force. Another Serious benefit of pre-qualifying the recipients of your offer is that you can cut back the time and money spent on prospects that will not make it though underwriting.

A Small Sample mortgage marketing Possibilities

  • Exact Financially Qualified Lists - Gain insight to your mortgage prospects current credit situation which will be pulled using a soft inquiry on their credit report.
  • Bankruptcy Information - Find daily updated BK filings with mortgage and some credit information.
  • Loan Activity - Your consultant can omit refinances for 2-3 years to help narrow your audience to those with a stronger need to refi.
  • FHA Stƒads - Generate Federal Housing Authority Insured Leads that have been in their Current Loan for over 13 months - Another good filter to add would be to omit any and all prospects that have been late on their mortgage payments to avoid losing the deal during he desktop underwriting process.
  • Adjustable/Fixed Interest - ARM Leads with Adjustable Rates/balloon loans that will need to refinance to avoid skyrocketing payments.
  • Consumer Revolving Debt Leads - Mortgagors - Using a soft inquiry, find and either call or mail out to late mortgage holders that more than likely need your loan services.
  • Credit Card Leads with Bank Card Debt Balance - Market to those whom maintain a high balance on their bank cards for refinance offers, it is worth noting that this would be the exact amount that is referenced to on their current credit report the day you receive your records.
  • Bankruptcy Leads info - Some of our clients want to get leads for open chapter 13 payers. Making an offer for bankrupcy buy out by filtering the mailing list to include folks that have filed for a chapter 13 mortgage 2-5 years ago and have decent credit at present can result in a great response!
  • Mortgage Marketing - Find prospects with an interest in learning about the benefits of a reverse Mortgage or an expiring arm. FHA is also at one of the most profitable in a decade. Get your team on the line with us and we will teach them how a campaign will help their financial situation, even in times of unclarity Mortgage Lead Generation can be done right.

Learn to how RM will be able to get your sales team going to rock solid leads at (800) 884-8323 and just ask questions, even if you do not use us for your mortgage marketing, you may still reap the benefits that thousands of our existing clients already enjoy.

Our Friendly staff has a working knowledge of response rates and the perfomance of vatious data sets within the US market is unsurpassed within our industry. Take 5 Min of your day to see how we can help you triple your response rates - call us now at (800) 884-8323

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More Mortgage Mailing List Ideas...

  • Vanzan Incorporated, Offering Proven Mortgage marketing services in our industry*

  • Equity/Credit Loan - Pull HELOC Leads to identify those with a Home Equity Line of credit that may need to me rolled into their current 1st mortgage.
  • First Time Sales - Find and market to new home buyers.
  • Pre Foreclosure Leads - Using a soft inquiry on thousands of credit reports find Distressed Homeowner Leads before they get the dreaded NOD (notice of default) and offer your loan services before the competition gets them.
  • Interest Rates - Contacting prospects with a high interest rate to make them a better offer is a great way to gain more fundable clients.
  • Lender Information - Output the prospects current lender information.
  • Loan Amount - Target high loan amounts or simply keep below the current FHA amount.
  • Loan Type (FHA/VA/Con - Pull by loan type to gain access to FHA streamline lead prospects. Combined with other filters, this can be priceless to those offering streamline services to FHA Mortgage Holders.
  • Loan-to-Value (LTV) Ratio - Market to mortgagors that have a certain LTV or equity, combined with high debt this can be a great method to find prospects with a need for debt consolidation refinances.
  • Revolving Debt Amount - Reach out to prospects with a lot of revolving debt regarding a refinance loan.
  • Exact Bank Card Debt - Contact only prospects with high bankcard debt by making a soft inquiry on their credit report to offer consolidation loans that will give them one mortgage payment instead of many.
  • Mortgage Loan Dates - Contact possible clients within certain loan dates to assure that their current mortgage is seasoned (see also omit refinances under loan activity).
  • Mortgage Term - Loan terms can be very important to a marketing campaign.
  • Notice of Default Leads - If you cannot offer a loan to use Specialty Mailing Lists & Data Sourcesindicating tardiness before the NOD you can most likely move to these but there will be competition because these files are now public record.
  • Private Party Lenders - Contact those that hold a private mortgage (also frequently called seller carryback leads).
  • ARM Leads - Adjustable Rate Mortgage Leads grab the loan holders just as their payment balloons and save them from higher payments.
  • Refinance leads - Omit or include recent refinances by dates and amounts - there is much information on our site to learn about refinance lead generation so read on and call us any time if you need a hand.
  • Sales Price - Contact loan holders based on the purchase price of the home they bought.
  • Second Mortgage - Contact homeowners that carry a second mortgage payment.
  • Direct Mail Advertising Lists pre-filtered to qualify your marketing prospects before you reach them with your offer. Learn more about Consumer Finance Marketing and the filters that are available by calling.
  • Seller Carry Back -Contact those that hold a private mortgage (Also called Private party lender leads).
  • Telephone Numbers - Contact your prospects by phone by getting a SAN number and choosing records that have phone numbers available, you can pull only records with phones or for better coverage pull "phones where available to mail and call leads.
  • Time Share Information - In seven years of business we have never sold one time share lead, why is this even in here?
  • Construction Loans - Market to prospects that currently hold a construction loan and offer to help them once the house if built.

***NEW See How to Generate Rock Solid Home Loan leads

Call to see if Your company can use Financially Based marketing methods to pre-qualify your clients before you even start your marketing campaigns. For loss Mit or Loan Mods, and FHA alike, you can assure that at least one Consumer has high debt and a mortgage listed on their credit report. As you know, this information is absolutely priceless when it comes to marketing to create loss mitagation leads or to let them know you are there to help them work out new loan terms with your loan mod services.

We all know the feeling to work with a prospect just to find out that their current financial situation will not allow for a new mortgage. Is it worth a call?

We consult at no charge so why not get a consultant working for you, call (800) 884-8323 during business hours and learn how to gain access to accurate financial information about prospective mortgagors.

(800) 884-8323 - A campaign is Nearly Ready

Mortgage Marketing Services - Think Response

A few Popular Mortgage Mailing Lists

Filters Just for Mailing or Calling are Exact Credit Scores, interest rates, lender names, Bankruptcy information, length of residence, ARM leads VA or FHA loan types, Credit Card Balance, seriously, the possibilities are endless, even the controversal Trigger Leads are available at wholesale prices through your cunsultant.

Mortgage Hot line lists can be utilized for New Homeowner offers, PMI Insurance Users, Refinance, and Mortgage Marketing plans catered to financing undertakings and much more.

Be clever when you design your campaign. Call a consultant today to see if your company can start using Credit Filtered Marketing lists today! (800) 884-8323


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