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Some important reasons our clients stay with us so long are:

  • Cutting Edge Marketing ideas - postal marketing services
  • 2-4 hour data delivery when requested
  • Quick and accurate delivery or implementation
  • Free Consulting
  • Variable selection (important to marketing ideas)
  • Responsive and friendly sales culture
  • SAN education for clients which are not aware of the FTC regulations pertaining to telemarketing**
Expressing marketing ideas, CONSULTING and HELPING To move toward Results Driven marketing methods...

Please Understand and use industry terms to demonstrate product knowledge; NCOA, SCF, SIC, CASS, SAN, DSF. (You may want to request a dictionary of marketing terms from your supervisor).

SRDS - Standard Rate and Data Services (SRDS is the industry standard with which we comply for pricing and formatting guidelines on Direct Mail advertising Lists).

SCF - Sectional Center Facility (SCF is a geography type that is about as large as a county but varies from area to area. a great way to take a piece out of a large county like San Diego.. ie. 902 would cover 90210, 90201, etc.

SIC - Standard Industrial Classification - used for business lists to pinpoint the type of industry a client is looking to target. We can also do reverse SIC which is great when a client knows the name of a target company but not the actual List of SIC Codes. when asking for reverse SIC codes it is good to get several of them in case some do not come up in the database.

o CASS certification - Coding accuracy Support System - This improves the accuracy of carrier route, five digit zip, zip+4, and delivery point codes that appear on mail pieces. CASS certification makes the mailing cost go down because the data is 'pre-sorted'.

o SAN - (Subscriber Access) Number - needed for filtering phone numbers that are on the do not call list. The place to learn more about this is

o DSF - Delivery Sequence File is a licensed address-hygiene product that contains information on all addresses - except general delivery addresses - served by the Postal Service. DSF² includes the ZIP Code, ZIP+4, carrier route walk-sequence information, barcode, and all other delivery attributes related to each specific address. Ask a team leader for a breakdown on the anatomy of a mailing address.

NCOA - National Change of Address (updates for movers, those that have added residence, or those that have filed with the post office to have their mail forwarded elsewhere. This database is updated monthly by the USPO).

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