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ITs not easy to make Your Company's Consumer Marketing Communications effective. Either you or your marketing agency will have to come up with an accurate and detailed definition of who your targeted audience is.

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To ensure a successful marketing campaign using a consumer marketing list, you will want to be sure that the definition of the product that is being marketed is conformed to the company's standards and that it possesses all of the necessary components and modifiers pertinent to the advertising offer.

TIP: A properly targeted consumer marketing list or direct mail or telemarketing can reap great results if the campaign is properly aimed toward prospects with a want or need for the product your are offering.

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One of the best direct mailers of all time came from a fireproofing company that used a chemical to fireproof their brochure and included a challenge to the customer to try and burn it. Not possible with most media but definitely a good trick for them to use in their direct mailing.

TIP: Business Mailing Lists are also generally cheaper than consumer or mortgage marketing lists. If the consumers in your target group have an occupation, or group of occupations in common, you may be able to use a business database which offers the ability to pull by job title in your SIC Code List. One example would be to pull doctors under the age of 28 to generate student loan consolidation leads.

If you and your company can narrow down the main focus/goals of your ad campaign to define exactly what you want to accomplish, you will be able to get extremely specific while filtering and targeting the niche of the recieving audience.

Our Clients Prospects Are more likely to respond If a specific want or need addressed in a marketing communication in comparison to information thrown at them based upon a broad subject.

For a moment lets assume that you were to give seminars on Mortgage Marketing Strategy, one example of a headline might possibly read "Mortgage Marketing Strategies" from there you might want to look at what will separate your ad from the competitions to gain an edge over them.

You could decide to mention doing business on an national scale instead of just a few states; so you could change the headline to read "National Mortgage Marketing Strategies" which is better but if we tailor it a bit more to include other, more targeted industries you might go with "National Mortgage Marketing Strategy and Investors ", another step further into this nich and we have "National Mortgage Marketing Strategies for The Investing and Foreclosure Bailout Industry".

If the foreclosure investment industry is sufficiently big enough to warrant a separate promotional effort, then it will likely do better than direct mailings offered to general executives in a basic, or off topic business seminar.

**Read more about Consumer Debt Leadsa href="preforclosureleads.html">.

Most companies that market to consumers are concerned with their bottom-line, so some good news is that the cost of being creative and using personal communications is low. Dollar for dollar and considering the ROI, marketing to consumers with mail can be the most inexpensive way of bringing a proper sales promotion to a closely targeted group of prospects.

TIP: Tracking your consumer marketing is one of the most important aspects to any campaign, read more on tracking your marketing investment and about the principals of direct mail here.

10 factors to consider in your consumer advertising copy:

  1. What are the main benefits of using your products or services and how will you focus on them?
  2. What are the features and the differences that sets you aside from your competition?
  3. What is the consumer list universe, or total number of prospects in the mailing database you are using to market the product?
  4. Decide whether to offer terms or payments over time. More payment options = more sales! Your consultant can help you with options for accepting consumer payments as well.
  5. Decide if there will be chances for multiple sales to your prospect lists, or if selling back-end products after the initial sale exists, and then design your marketing creative and offer accordingly.
  6. Find out if a two step advertising campaign will make more financial sense.
  7. Find out what this targeted paticcular audience will expect to see as far as pricing and discounted offerings are concerned.
  8. Think of possible objections and prepare your sales team for them.
  9. Decide on a budget for test campaigns and stick to it.
  10. What print media or call strategy will you be using?

Borrowning from past sales experiences we anticipate the biggest barriers that would keep your group of prospects' from responding or using your product or service, you will be able to use this awesome piece of consumer information to address their concerns right off the bat and hook them right into your marketing pitch, this will also Create Good Will in the Sales Process.

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