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Vanzan Incorporated is an excellent source for direct marketing help within any Business Lists Criteria, or Consumer Demographics imaginable. Using our high volume relationships to keep your costs down our skilled consultants are available on both coasts to assist your company in the creation of direct marketing strategies.

After years of putting together a tight niche group of direct marketing products and services our clients are getting the best consulting available within the US market. Although we are always earching for cutting edge marketing methods and attending shows to aid the exploration of new direct marketing products through trials and improving, and then re-testing, our standards of practice have stood the test of time. We have been using most of our vendors for over 10 years, as we have grown together we have thouroughly created our own niche within the direct marketing industry. This strong core of relationships within the direct mail and marketing industry has helped us grow into a customer service oriented company that not only shines with integrity but stands out as somthing special the very first time a new client comes in contact with us.

Once you decide how, where and when you will start your campaign your consultant will stay with the program until it has been completely implemented.

Every Senior Consultant at Vanzan Incorporated has had a minimum of 5 years in the consulting business and has passed a series of tests to assure that you will be recieving quality marketing advice throughout your relationship with us.

If you are an existing client please call your consultant, if you are new to our company we would love to discuss our marketing methods and services with you, please call (800) 884-8323 during business hours or use the form below to get a call back at your convenience.

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SPECIAL FOR MORTGAGE MARKETING CLIENTS - One marketing method that we know works is to send direct mail to trigger leads that have just applied for a mortgage. Not many people have been doing this because after the price of a trigger lead, postage, printing, and mailing you are left with a very expensive lead.

In hopes of keeping yout cost per funding below 250 We have decided as a company to drastically reduce the price of a daily trigger lead for mailing from 2-4 dollars down to 40 cents per trigger lead ***Please note that full price is required to output phones.

We are always trying to create a more perfect marketing strategy for our clients using the most innovative and cutting edge methods available to your particullar company. Learn More about triggered leads.

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