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Using Business Leads Targeted to enable contact with the Right Executives which can make the decision to purchase your services is an excellent strategy for direct marketing.

If you use our business leads/Marketing Lists for cold calling, the least you should do it get down to the right contact. This will not only make it easier to make a sale but will also make retaining sales teams (good Sales People) easier because they will know that you understand the importance of qualifying your marketing list prospects before assigning them out.

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If you have experience in business to business list marketing, the you know the precise SIC Codes you'll be targeting you can simply paste them into the form below and a consultant will get back to you within 10-20 minutes boasting a customized report that contains the total amount of records available for the business marketing list campaign. We might also have information on how you can improve your response based on your consultants knowledge of response rates and data availability within your particullar market.

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Of course you will need to contact us during busines hours to get the fastest counts, if you are visiting us after hours your querry will be assigned to our east coast office for processing first thing on the next business morning.

Call (800) 884-8323 for a Free B2B Lead Trial of 1K to 5K Records Depending On Current Volume.

If you do not know the SIC code for your list or even if you prefer to work with a consultant to determine your best B2B marketing audience, we are here to offer free consultancy 12 hours a dat 5 days a week to help target your marketing and advertising.

With specialists available in most industries, you can trust the good advice that comes from our experienced consultants.

Work with us to take advantage of your consultants vast knowledge of Business Lead Response Rates as well as various methods that perform well in your industry. We are always available with fast responses to your inquirys and due to our volume agreements we will also be able to offer you the best pricing that is available within the marketing industry.

Research your market, and your competition and pinpoint your exact target market.

Work closely with your consultant to find out which database is likely to perform better for your marketing goals. Do you know why one data set should be used for certain jobs where the other may not perform as well?

Our team is trained extensively on the data that will perform best in your market place. We would love to Customize a proposal to your specific needs. No, we wont just pick the data and deliver, we will explain why it makes sense to use it and what steps to take to maximize your results. Click Here to talk with a consultant. Or fill out the Quick Quote request form to be contacted at your convenience.

Create new Business Marketing Campaigns. Why not take a minute to call a consultant and see for yourself how we have increased the marketing response for thousands of returning clients.

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Business Sales and Marketing Do's and Dont's

Executives Within Marketing Services retain their jobs because clients have a need to keep on top of their competitors by bringing their company's offer to qualified buyers in innovative and cutting age ways; the buyers want to receive enough information to make good decisions with an assurance that they are purchasing a suitable product from a experienced and recognized vendor.

Just a Few B2B Marketing Ideas to include in the first communication with the executive prospect

To qualify as an experienced vendor and work with a new business prospect, you could:

  • Choose to base your marketing on well-known companies that have done business with you, pointing out a big new client or contract scored, can get business buyers excited.
  • List testimonials from your happy customers.
  • Set up a guarantee that is as unconditional as possible.
  • Outline your service, support, or return of money within a guarantee, this can serve your pitch as much as which allows your customer to properly evaluate and decide on your product.
  • Make your company look stable by mentioning years in business, annual sales, different locations and how many customers came through your doors is another asset.

Two key reasons for a business to make a purchase based on your business to business marketing advertisement would be reselling at a profit and operating business with more efficiency and success.

Management personnel which are involved in a business-to-business deal are usually not very advertising or business promotion oriented so they will focus on the immediate results, you should explain quickly and simply what the business product you are marketing is, what it does, and what solution it solves for their industry if they are going give you enough time to find it interesting.

The key is to uncover benefits of the product you are selling so that its desirability can be observed while solving company problems.

Prospecting business buyers will act when something seems to involve the least risk of turning out to be a bad decision. They also do not want sove mething that makes work harder, but makes life easier, even if it saves money in the long run.

There may be times when selling to a business-to-business and making your pitch through direct mail marketing, sale has to go through more than one management person; tailoring your business to business marketing to the right executive is vitally important! In each successive presentation you should be using specific facts, figures, statistics and arguments that support a message of ultimately being all things to all people.

A properly targeted business list will give you access to buyers that not only want to make a purchase, but most times he or she has to in order to stay profitable and competitive on a day-to-day basis. While industry products can be complex and difficult to understand your prospective buyer is placed in a position that creates a high level of understanding.

If your B2B Marketing is done correctly, Your Prospects will be educated and enjoy the benefits of training with experience. A marketing consultant from Vanzan Incorporated, will be capable of making marketing suggestions for tweaks in your ads or direct mail target audience that will result in better performance. It's an old story when suppliers who are willing to work closely to support end-users with service have the distinct advantage over a vendor who merely presents a product with professional copy writing.

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